About the Artist

IMG_0190Elisa Marmer is a realist painter of figures and landscape residing in Northern Westchester, NY.  She discovered her ability to paint at the age of 39 after finally deciding to explore the strange and unlikely notion which kept returning to her that she could, indeed,  paint.  She contacted an art instructor for private lessons, and to their mutual surprise, out poured the work of a long ignored, and perhaps even surpressed artist.  Elisa has been exhibiting and selling artwork ever since.

While Elisa enjoys painting landscapes and portraits, and even the occasional still life, her favorite genre is figures engaged in thoughts, actions, emotions or reactions. Her goal is to capture something familiar, and open a window for the viewer, thereby hopefully creating sympathy for or connection to the subject, and in turn to our shared humanity generally.

You can visit her dedicated Pet Portrait site or her writing blog, Free to Navel Gaze.